A clicker/incremental game bot for discord

About the project

Cafe was first created as a personal project, a sort of hobby bot. Quickly after listing it on, it became wildly popular, and is currently serving over 5,200 guilds/servers on Discord.

is it free?

It is entirely free to play/use! If you would like to donate, it is appreciated, as it helps keep this project going!


The game is relatively simple, and entertaining. Each player must purchase items, and upgrades to bring their cafe to the top! There are multiple other aspects to the game that will be discussed below.



The bot is packed full of features, and interesting commands. When starting out, you open a brand new Cafe, and have $75 to start out with, along with a daily shipment/crate. A Cafe can only earn cash if you have supplies, so players must purchase items from the 30+ items available for purchase! There are loads of upgrades to unlock that will help players on your journey. Every item earns Cash Per Second, often shortened as "CPS." The better and more expensive the item, the higher CPS value it has! The gameplay is based around a clicker/incremental theme, so the primary objective of the game, is to earn and buy, repeat, and earn more than everyone else! There is more to it, but that is enough to get anyone started!


Cafe was created with simplicity, fun, and ease of use in mind! Here are some of the most popular features that players seem to enjoy!

30+ Unique, themed itemsMultiple unique upgradesHours upon hours of gameplayWorks while you aren't onlineA fully functional crate systemLeveling/XPMultiple leaderboardsWorkersRebirth/Prestige system
There is a lot to play with and explore while using the bot, members of any Discord guild/server are sure to be engaged and excited when using it!


These questions are often asked within the bots support server, skim them and see if it answers any questions you might have.

Q - How do I start?
A - Pretty simple! When starting, you should open your daily crate, and purchase a brewer. Brewers are the first items you unlock, and will start earning CPS!

Q- Is the bot online 24/7?
A - Yep. The bot is online 24/7, the only time it is offline is when Discords' API has issues, or when it is updating.

Q - Does the bot need special permissions?
A - The only permissions it requires are "Send Messages" and "Embed Links"

Q - What do Assistants (Workers) do?
A - Aight. Assistants are one of the two workers available. Assistants generate gems every hour, to help you progress within the game!

Q - How do I see the commands?
A - Simple! Invite the bot and use the help command!