A Clicker Game for Discord

About the project

Cafe was first created as a personal project, a sort of hobby bot. Quickly after listing it on, it became wildly popular, and is currently serving over 7,500 guilds/servers on Discord.

What is it?

You know games like Cookie Clicker, and Clicker Heroes? Well this bot is like that, except it works on Discord! In short, it is a unique clicker/incremental economy bot!


Increase Engagement

Cash, Gems, CPS, and Likes

Create more activity on your Discord server by letting members earn XP, Levels, and Cash while chatting!

➤ The CPS (Cash per Second) system lets members earn cash every second, so they can buy more and more items to get to the top!

Increase member interaction with the Like system! Members can boost another member of their choice!

Hours of Activity

Profiles, Leaderboards, Achievements, & More!

Play with other members on your server, in a race to the top, with a sleek, multi-sorted leaderboard!

➤ Work to complete the achievements and gain bragging rights to all your friends.

Track your progress by loading up your cafe/profile to view your most important statistics!

Go offline as you generate cash while working on your unique butterfly information book.

Online Dashboard & Live Statistic Viewing

View Profiles, Edit your Profile & More

Edit your online profile to best reflect you!

View player cafe/profile statistics from your browser!

Watch & View the leaderboard even when you don't have access to Discord!

Totally Free! ➤ Some bots lock everything down to premium users, or charge guild owners for a premium bot - that sucks, and doesn't happen here.

➤ Donors do get perks, but these can be obtained by saving up digital currency from upvotes - so those who can't donate with money, can donate by voting!

➤ Donating helps keep the bot alive - if you would like to donate, run donate on your guild.
No Special Login & Public API!

➤ No need to login! with edit everything via Discord - no special account needed!

➤ Request basic player statistics with the easy to use API!